Save Money And Be Cool This Summer

Dated: 06/05/2017

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 Here are some ways to keep your home cool during summer without solely relying on air conditioning: 

1. Close and cover your windows. Use drapes, blinds or curtains to block sunlight. Keep your windows sealed during the day to keep in cool air. 

2. Adjust fans to turn counter-clockwise. This movement sucks hot air up and cools your skin. Fans don’t create cool air, though, so turn them off when you leave the room.

 3. Disconnect any idle technology. Appliances and electronics produce heat, even if you aren’t using them. Unplug them and turn them off. 

4. Switch your lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones. Incandescent lightbulbs produce more heat than light. Switch to LED or CFL bulbs instead, and turn off lights when you aren’t in the room. 

5. Start cooking outside. Much everyday heat comes from cooking. Avoid using your oven and stove by grilling outside. Eat more raw or cold dishes, like sushi or salad. 

6. Prime your bed for cool evenings. Switch to 100% cotton bedding and sprinkle baby powder over your sheets to reduce sweating. Remove bed risers or set up a sleeping mat on the floor to avoid rising heat through the night. 

7. Make permanent changes to keep your home summer-ready. Plant trees in your yard to block sunlight. Install awnings over windows. Ensure your attic is properly insulated and have any air leaks sealed. These changes will stop heat before it hits your home.

Stay cool! I know plenty of other ways to save $, give me a call!

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